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Billing FAQ

Frequently asked questions about billing and invoicing

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I have just signed up to Fibbl, what happens next?

Firstly, welcome to Fibbl. Familiarize yourself with the tool in peace and begin the onboarding plus set up process yourself, or book a meeting with one of our Customer Success Managers to get started. Don't worry about hidden fees, you are only charged for assigned models that are active, as that is one of the conditions for a model to be visible on the website. We invoice for a model if it has been active on one occasion per calendar month.


How much does Fibbl cost?

If the product are not yet in the Fibbl database we need to scan your products and turn them into 3D models. Right now we have a subscription campaign: The subscription includes scanning and production of up to 50 shoes, along with associated 3D experiences such as the 360 viewer, Virtual Try-On and AR Placement. The price for this is €1,000/month. If you are a retailer and want to use already scanned models in our database you pay for the models you use. Every model assigned to your account has one of two statuses’: “Inactive” and “Active”. We charge €1 per active model per month. Meaning, if you have assigned 99 models with status ‘Inactive (inactive models can not be displayed on your website) and 1 model with status ‘Active(active models can be displayed on your website) – you only pay €1 per month.

Does the pricing include all technologies (product images, 3D Viewer, Augmented Reality, Virtual Try-on)?


Is there any start-up cost?


Is there any lock-in period?


Is there any notice period for cancellation?


Are there any other costs based on load, sessions on my website or anything else?



How am I billed?

Monthly invoicing (via email) or card payment are the payment method we currently have.

What are your payment terms?

Our standard payment terms are 30 days, but please refer to your invoice for up-to-date information. If you have any questions, please contact support via the chat or at

My invoice looks incorrect, what do I do?

If you spot any inaccuracies or incomplete information, please contact support via the chat or at

How can I update my billing details?

To change or update your billing information, take a look at this article.

Payment details

What are Fibbl's bank details?

All invoices include our bank details and payment terms. There is also a reference number on each invoice. For faster processing, we ask that you include this reference number when paying.

Billing history

Where can I see my old invoices?

To see your billing history and receive copies of invoices, please contact support via the chat or at

Can I add or change details on previously issued invoices?

Unfortunately no. We use an automated billing system that does not allow us to edit historic invoices.

Cancellation policy

What is your cancellation policy?

If you wish to utilise a specific campaign, the cancelation policy will be specified in the specific campaign. If not, there is none. If you no longer wish to use our services, just make sure to inactive all your assigned models and you will no longer be invoiced by us.

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