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How to create AR ads on Snapchat
How to create AR ads on Snapchat

Learn how to create immersive AR experiences on Snapchat

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Leverage Fibbl's 3D files and take advantage of Snapchat's sophisticated lens capabilities to let your customers see the product in their environment, or to try it on themselves.


Snapchat has more or less built their success on Augmented Reality. More than 200 million users engage its AR lenses daily. You have probably seen or experienced it yourself, in the shape of a pair of dog ears on someones head or a change in hair color. Snapchat has taken the next step when it comes to lenses. Nowadays, they are not only entertaining, but they can also be practical. For example, you can test a pair of glasses or shoes (and even clothes) on yourself, or place a product in your environment – directly via the app. These lenses can be used in the organic and paid content.

1. Creating the lens

To create a lens you need a 3D model of your desired product(s). By utilizing the raw file in a software called Lens Studio you can create an lens compatible with Snapchat, and by uploading it to Snap's Creative Library you can publish a lens that can be used by millions of users to explore your products in organic and paid formats directly on Snapchat.

Luckily, you don't have to learn this process from scratch. Fibbl provides a service which includes delivering ready files compatible with Lens Studio. So the only thing you have to do is to let us know which products from the database you would like to make an effect for and we will provide you with the files.

2. Publishing the lens

Once you have received the files for the lens, you need to download Snap's software Lens Studio. Log-in via your business account, click on open project, select the .lsproj file you received from Fibbl and open.

Once it has been opened, you just need to click 'Publish Lens' up in the top left corner. This will take you to a new browser window where you will be prompted to log-in with your business account on Snap furthermore follow a publication process.

The publishing process is pretty straight forward. If you plan to use the lens in advertising, you should publish it as a business lens. Connect the lens to your Ads Manager and submit the lens. Once submitted, it can take up to 24-48 hours for Snapchat to review and approve the lens.

3. Create an ad with the lens

Once the lens is approved it's ready to be connected to an advert. Set up your campaign in Ads Manager as you usually do, but on the ad set level under 'Placements' – you should click 'Edit Placement' and select 'Camera'.

Then on the ad level, you can click on 'Browse' under Lens Media and select the correct lens.

This will make your lens as sponsored lens once users are in the camera mode. Each lens also gets a unique URL, which you can use as destination for a regular image, video or carousel ad.

And this is how you can bring your potential customers into an immersive AR experience right from an ad.

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