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Enable Fibbl's Google Analytics integration (2.0)
Enable Fibbl's Google Analytics integration (2.0)

Learn how to get Fibbl specific events sent to your GA4

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This article only describes how to ensure that Fibbl specific events are sent to your GA4 property. If this is already in place, and if you want to easily track how your visitors use the Fibbl technologies and how it affects your key performance indicators, see this article on how to configure Fibbl's standardized Looker Studio report.

When the Fibbl script is implemented on your product detail pages and there is an available 3D model for the specific product, Fibbl can render and display its technologies for the website visitor. In those cases, there are three fundamental technical events that can happen in the user journey.

  1. The script will be loaded. This will always occur in case there is a matching model for the specific product.

  2. The visitor can view the Fibbl integration, by simply navigating to the place on the web page where it is placed.

  3. The visitor can interact with the Fibbl integration, by simply interacting with the element (e.g. 3D, AR, VTO).

These three events is also the raw data we send to Google Analytics automatically when the script is implemented in the correct way, and can be used to segment users and view the difference in traditional metrics like time spent on site, pages per session, conversion rate when Fibbl is involved versus not involved. Take a look below for the exact name of the events we send and their meaning.

Event name



The number of times the Fibbl integration (script) has been loaded. The script is only loaded when there is an available model on the specific product detail page that the visitor is browsing.


The number of times the Fibbl integration has been viewed by a visitor. "Viewed" have different meanings depending on what experience you have implemented. If you are using the fibbl-bar buttons, both fibbl-display and fibbl-use will be triggered when a user click on the buttons.


The number of times the Fibbl integration has been interacted with by a visitor, e.g. when someone twist and turn the 3D model in the model viewer when using the model-viewer or the fibbl-layer components. If you have implemented the fibbl-bar this event eill be triggered when the user clicks the button.

These events will be automatically sent to your GA4 if you have added your Google Analytics ID to the Fibbl script. See below for an example of what the code could look like.

src="" type="module"

Not sure which ID to use? This is how you find the ID in GA4.

  1. Navigate to Admin

  2. Click on 'Data streams' within the "Data collection and modification" section

  3. Select the main data stream


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