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Changing the language of Fibbl elements
Changing the language of Fibbl elements

Learn how to display local translations in your Fibbl elements

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Fibbl controls the text and its translations that appear in connection with our technologies - such as help text and feedback text in the elements that are not directly implemented on your website. One example of this is the help text for the Augmented Reality placement technology displayed on desktop.

Changing the language

If you want to enable local translations on all Fibbl elements, you need to pass in the locale property in the Embed script. This needs to have both a language and a region code to work correctly: e.g. sv-SE (language: Swedish and region: Sweden) or fi-FI (language: Finnish and region: Finland). In order to get correct translation, you will have to pick a language from the list of supported languages below. The languages can be combined with any region, find the correct ISO codes here.

Supported languages

English en

Swedish sv

Russian ru

Estonian et

Latvian lv

Danish da

Finnish fi

Lithuanian lt

Dutch nl

French fr

German de

Hungarian hu

⚠️ If you pass in an unsupported language, buttons and text will be default to English.

See an example on row 5 in the code example below, for how we pass in the locale where the language should be Swedish and region set to Sweden.


Contact us via the chat in our platform or at in case you are missing a locale you wish to use.

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