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All models

Browse, select and assign models

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All models is a collection of all available models in the Fibbl database, ready to be assigned and integrated on your website with just a few clicks on a button. From this page you can find models matching products that you are selling, explore their available technologies plus content types and assign them to your company so you can leverage them on your website.

Browse models

You can interpret All models as a category listing page similar to an e-commerce website. On this page, we have listed thousands of models that we have produced and that are waiting to be integrated on your website. At a first sight, you will see name (product title), brand, cover photo and available technologies of model. In the cases where you are looking for specific models, we have both filtering and sorting to help you out – where you can, for example, filter by brand or free text search by product title.

Clicking on a model will take you to the model detail page where you can look more closely on all the details around the model such as more images, the 3D model and model information. Once you have identified a matching model to a product you sell, you can proceed to the selection stage.

Select models

Selecting a model is easy. You will notice that you have one button with the text "Add" on the category listing page and one button with the text "Add to cart" on the model detail page. Clicking on one of these will make added models end up in the cart located to the top right corner, where they are gathered before completing the assignment and purchase.

In case you want, there is also possible to add several models to cart by using the following bulk action functionality.

Assign models

When all desired models are in the cart, it is time to complete the assignment and purchase. It's not mandatory, however, we have designed the experience to allow you to fill in the correct product ID and determine the status of the model directly from the checkout - so that the models can be distributed and displayed instantly on your website once the purchase is completed (if the Embed script is already implemented). You can always update the product ID and manage status plus technologies at a later stage.

OBS. the fastest and easiest way to assign models is to import your product catalog and use the Fibbl automatic matching function. Read more about it here

⚠️ Note: You do not actually purchase the ownership of the model, you subscribe for the right to display the model via Fibbl technologies on your website.

As you probably notice in the order details section, we only charge you for active models. Inactive models cost nothing and you can still assign them to your account – but you need to activate them in case you want to display it on your website.

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