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Product catalogs in Fibbl
Product catalogs in Fibbl

Learn how to, and the benefits of, importing your products to Fibbl

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To take full advantage of Fibbl’s visual marketing platform, you need to add a catalog to import your products into the platform. This will enable you to:

✓ Get automatic suggestions on models matching your products

✓ Automatic visibility model management based on product stock status

✓ Display product information in consumer facing Fibbl experiences

Fibbl support product feeds in both .XML and .CSV formats. The file must be hosted elsewhere, usually somewhere on your website and it should contains all of your products. Ideally it will be updated in real time as you add, edit or delete products in your e-commerce system. Product feeds are automatically updated once per day in Fibbl and ensures your inventory is always up to date. It should follow the basics of Google's product feed specification. You can view an example here.

⚠️ With the basics of Google's product feed specification we refer to naming convention for example. E.g. "name" instead of "title" will not work.

Mandatory attributes

There are 5 mandatory attributes that each <item> must have:

  1. ID-attribute (<id>).
    Other IDs can be used, but must be added in addition to the <id> attribute.
    These are <gtin>, <mpn> or <item_group_id>.

  2. Product title (<title>).

  3. Link to product (<link>).

  4. Product image link (<image_link>).

  5. Price (<price>).

Here is an example of the structure of a feed containing one product:

<title>Product title</title>
<description>This is a great product</description>
<g:availability>in stock</g:availability>
<g:price>123 EUR</g:price>
<g:brand>Brnad Name</g:brand>

Other attributes, even though not mandatory, can enhance what you can do with Fibbl. For example, custom_label can be used to enable the product switcher. And GTIN is the most reliable numerical value for matching products to models.

For more information, please ask your Customer Success Manager about it.

Product identifier

When importing the product catalog to Fibbl, you need to specify which identifier attribute, from the ones available in your product feed, to use when identifying the different products. There are four ID-attributes in a catalog:

  1. <id>

  2. <gtin>

  3. <mpn>

  4. <item_group_id>

ℹ️ Choose your product identifier carefully. The product identifier will be used to identify your products and connect them with the models. The same ID should be stated in the Embed script to automatically display the correct technologies and models on respective product detail page.

In case you have products with color and size variants, e.g. blue and yellow sneakers in size 38-44 – we recommend you to use an product identifier which separates color variants but gather sizes variant. item_group_id is then most common product identifier in this cases.

Multilingual stores

If you sell to several markets, it can be good to have separate catalogs for each market. This is because the product information such as title, price and link can differ from country to country. You can import as many catalogs as you want into Fibbl, they are separated by locale which should also be specified in the script to ensure that we display the correct product information. The locale parameter also ensures the Fibbl elements are displayed in correct language.

Deleted products

As the product catalog is automatically updated on a regular basis, Fibbl will keep track of which products get deleted from your feed. Once a product which was connected to a model gets deleted from the feed, it will show under tab Models and sub-tab Models without products for you to review and eventually remove it from your account. This way you can be ensured you only pay for what you use.

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