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Virtual try on is powerful feature to enable the user to try products on them selves before making the purchase. Fibbl offers multiple VTO technologies depending on the nature of the product. If VTO is available on a specific model it's marked with the try-on icon

Product Banner

The product banner display the basic product information such as product name and price together with the link to the actual product detail page. It is especially effective when you are using FIbbl VTO for marketing. Together with Fibbl Shortlink you can package the experience in user friendly link to be used in any channel like social media, email or SMS to name a few. The product banner will be automatically activated when your shopping feed is imported in the Fibbl platform. The link between the model in the VTO experience and you product is the product ID in the shopping feed.

Product switcher

You can also enable your customer to seamlessly try out different products without leaving the VTO experience. Maybe you want enable the customer to try the same model with different color variations. To enable the product switcher you must group the products in the shopping feed by using a custom label. What determines which glasses are displayed is based on an optional field in your product catalog that you have imported into Fibbl. e.g, if glasses X have a value ‘Blue’ in the field custom_label_0, then we will show other glasses that also have the value ‘Blue’ in custom_label_0. So you completely control what is to be displayed, be it color, shape, material or something else that identifies a product. If you want to know more please do not hesitate to contact us.

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