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Shipping instructions

Requirements and best practices for the pre-production stage

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We are well aware that this article contains a lot of text and information. But it's because this pre-production step can determine whether we can keep our promise to you or not, so please read it carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

We claim that we have the fastest, cheapest, easiest and highest quality solution out there when it comes to production and distribution of 3D models and experiences. And there is a big difference between our philosophy and the traditional way of creating 3D models, which have made us to dare to claim just that. It can be summarized in one sentence; we have tried to industrialize the creation of 3D models, like a factory - instead of seeing it as something artistic and creative.

This means that our entire production pipeline is designed for mass production and scale. It also means that we become extremely inefficient, both time and cost wise, when we have to deviate from our standard processes.

Therefore, we want you to carefully read the document below, to give us both the conditions for the delivery to be fast, cheap, easy and with high quality.


  • Send products in mint condition

    Any dirt, defects and other imperfections will be visible once scanned. See example below.

  • Send your products in boxes

    To the extent you can, send the shoes in boxes as they are sent to the your customers. If they are loose in a big package, there is a risk that they will get visual marks during delivery, or even discolor each other. If you can't send them in boxes, try to cover them the best way possible to minimize potential marks or defects.

    We also need boxes as we are cross-checking the information on the boxes and comparing it to the list you are providing to us (see below). If you don't send your products in boxes, we need another easy and clear way to identify which product is which.

  • Provide a list with information

    We can't start production without the list. We need the product information data inputting but also for some steps in the production pipeline. Provide us with a list (Excel, Spreadsheet, CSV, similar) of what is to come, containing as much product information as possible. Below is the mandatory data we need:

    • Images (image URLs, OK to skip if products are new)

    • SKU

    • Title

    • Color

    • Size

    • Gender

    • GTIN/EAN

    • Brand (if you are a reseller)

ℹ️ Sending shoes? For women we scan size 38 and for men size 42. This gives the absolute best result. We can scan other sizes as well but in the extent you can, send us women’s 38 and mens 42.

  • Give us a heads up in case you have any special requests

    We think about efficiency at all levels. We have basically standardized everything that can be standardized. Below are a few examples of what is good for you to know, so you can give us a heads up if you have any special requests or needs. Getting a heads up from you before we get the delivery saves us both a ton of time and ensures we can keep our promise to you.

    • Data inputting is the first phase of a production project. We conduct all data inputting and administrative work once, at the same time. When you send us a list of what's to come, make sure it contain all information required about all products included in the project so that we don't have to revisit the list again.

    • We have standardized prepping and styling routines for different product categories, those will be followed in case you don't request anything special.

    • Beside our styling routines, we scan the products as the come. So, for example, if you are expecting us to change color of the shoe laces or change insole on particular shoes, let us know in advance as it's impossible to fix it post production.

    • We send back products in the same way the came, so that it's easy for you to organize return labels and pick-up once it's time for that. For efficiency reasons, we kindly ask to send back everything at once and to one location. In case you have priority shoes that needs to be sent back sooner than others to another location than the rest, you must give us an heads up about this prior starting the production project so we can flag it accordingly and keep the efficiency.

    • We usually dedicate specific days for one entire project, and we scan everything in a random order. You must give us a heads up in case you have any priority shoes that needs to be finished before others.

    • We start with scanning once all products that is planned to be included in the production project, has arrived to our office, to ensure high efficiency.

Last but not least, once your products are on their way to us, make sure to notify your contact person at Fibbl and let them know it's on the way to us. Thank you for following the instructions and helping us to be more efficient in scanning your products.

Shipping adress


Frihamnsgatan 30



Contact person:

Joakim Tennfors

+46 70 940 16 06

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