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Configure Fibbl's standardized Looker Studio report
Configure Fibbl's standardized Looker Studio report

Learn how to set up the report, and why you should do it

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This article only describes how to configure Fibbl's standardized Looker Studio report. It can only be done when you have Enabled Fibbl's Google Analytics integration.

Configure the report to get an easier and ongoing overview of Fibbl's impact on your e-commerce.

✓ Easier monitoring of the most essential KPIs
✓ Filtering at technology level and product breakdown

✓ Sophisticated attribution logic that links usage to potential purchase

Important disclaimer
Fibbl do not own, or save, the data that comes through Google Analytics 4. Fibbl only sends raw data connected to the script's potential events, all data and logic connected to behavior and purchases comes directly from your own GA4. Fibbl provides a standardized Looker Studio report with built-in logic to make it easier for you as a customers to analyze and draw insights from what impact Fibbl has on your e-commerce. It is your responsibility as a customer to ensure that your general Google Analytics tracking functions as it should.

Once you have Enabled Fibbl's Google Analytics integration, events will start to be sent to your GA4 property whether you complete this guide or not. However, in this guide we provide instructions with belonging copy and paste code that will allow you to easily see the data at a more granular level, as well as provide more accurate and reliable data around use of Fibbl connected to potential purchases.

Before proceeding with the project setup, there are two important things to consider:

  • Data is being collected only after the GA4 & Google BigQuery linkage is established so it’s better to configure it as soon as possible;

  • Make sure that the product ID passed in Fibbl events is mappable with standard eCommerce events, especially purchase (i.e. the values are consistent). Follow the steps in the guide Product ID lookup between Fibbl and GA4 to validate this.

  1. Get access to your Google Cloud project

    Let us know if you prefer to set it up from your Google Cloud account. Otherwise we usually do this for you as we would like to cover the potential cost of the database. If you have not already received access, ask your Customer Success Manager for access.

  2. Linking the GA4 property to Google BigQuery

    This part takes about 2 minutes to complete and must be done from the customer side and by someone who has right access to the relevant GA4 property.

    1. In the Google Analytics Admin section, under the "Product links" section, click "BigQuery links"

    2. Choose the Google Cloud project you got access to step 1 and set data location to European Union (eu)

    3. From the second step choose the Export type to be “Daily” (it’s the only setting to be included)

    4. In the third setup step click [Submit] to link the GA4 property to BigQuery

    5. Verify the setup - it may take some time (up to 48h) for data to start appearing in BigQuery. Once the setup is completed, you should be able to see the relevant dataset for GA4 data exports named analytics_[random digit combination] in BigQuery Studio with a corresponding table named events_(number)

4. Creating tables in Google BigQuery

This part takes about 30 minutes to complete and can either be done from the customer side or Fibbl side.

Since this setup is relatively new, we recommend that Fibbl do these steps for you. If you still want to do it yourself, let us know and we will share our internal documentation with you. Otherwise, sit back, relax and wait for a link to the report.

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