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Product ID lookup between Fibbl and GA4
Product ID lookup between Fibbl and GA4

Learn how to find and pass the correct product ID from Fibbl to GA4

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For the purchase tracking to work as intended in the Looker Studio report, it is absolutely necessary that there is a common product ID that is passed in the Fibbl events and maps to the same product ID in Google Analytics. This article describes how to find what that product ID is, and how to ensure it's passed in the Fibbl events.

  1. In the Google Analytics Navigation Panel section, under the "Monetization" section, click "Ecommerce purchases"

  2. In the product table via a dropdown change the Item name to Item ID. There is your Item ID mapped with standard eCommerce events.

  3. Navigate to the Catalogs tab in the Fibbl platform, click on the three dots ••• and "Edit catalog" to find the URL to your already imported catalog to Fibbl.

    ⚠️ If you don't have a catalog imported to Fibbl, see this guide.

  4. Copy and paste the link into a new browser window to open the product catalog

  5. Find which field contains the same type of product ID, in this example it's the <g:mpn>

    ⚠️ Can't find a field that contains what you're looking for? Then you need to adjust the product catalog. Contact us for consultation if needed.

  6. Go back to the catalog wizard in the Fibbl platform and click 'Next', under "Additional product ID for Google Analytics" you should select the field you just discovered was the correct one.

  7. Once selected, click 'Next' until you are back in the catalog overview screen. Click the three dots ••• again and 'Update catalog'. Repeat step 6 and 7 for every imported catalog (only applicable if you have multiple markets).

  8. Inform your Customer Success Manager about this change. Proceed with step 2 in the guide Configure Fibbl's standardized Looker Studio report once you receive a confirmation from your CSM.

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