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Logging in for the first time to Fibbl
Logging in for the first time to Fibbl

An introduction to the Fibbl platform

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First of all, welcome to the Fibbl platform. We built this with the intention of making your experience with Fibbl as smooth as possible from the beginning.

In the main menu on located at the top of the page, you will be able to access all features and functionalities.


This page is a collection of all available models in the Fibbl database, ready to be assigned and integrated on your website with just a few clicks on a button. From this page you can find models matching products that you are selling, explore their available technologies plus content types and assign them to your company so you eventually can leverage them on your website. Fibbl produces 3D models for well-known brands and updates the database several times a week.

This page is a collection of all your available models that has been assigned to your company and can be displayed on your website. From this hub you can manage your assigned models, which entails:

  • Changing status (Active/Inactive)

    When a model is active, the Fibbl content will be displayed on the website, provided that the product ID is correct and the script is implemented. An inactive model will not be displayed.

  • Manage technologies (Active/Inactive)

    By default, the majority of models has images, 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Try-on technologies and content enabled as default. Disabling a technology will hide the button/element for this particular product where Fibbl is implemented.

  • Changing product ID
    The product ID is what enables Fibbl content to be displayed on your website. Meaning, it must match the product ID utilized by the Fibbl Embed script. This could be your SKU, EAN or article number depending on your data layer setup.


Settings are located under the round circle in the top right corner.

Personal settings

Manage your personal information and change password if needed.

Company settings

Manage your company information, billing details, invite new users and find your tech tokens which is needed in case you want to develop Fibbl on a local environment. More information about implementing Fibbl can be found here.

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